A story of a man who hid 37 Jews during WWII

Bert Bochove

When Hitler declared war on Poland in 1939, Bert Bochove was working in Finland as a mill manager. He was advised to return home to Holland. At first he joined his two older brothers in running the family retail business in their native town, Woubrugge. Bert was twenty-nine years old, and engaged to be married to Annie, a pharmacist living in Amsterdam.

Bert Bochove was a Dutch pharmacist who hid an amazing total of thirty-seven Jews in his own home, above his drugstore in the heart of Amsterdam, right under the noses of the Nazis.

Annie Bochove

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"From August 1942 until May 1945, we lived under the care of the Bochoves, both in hope and despair.  We were thankful for the shelter but depressed knowing that our presence was putting our best friends in deadly danger."

Henny Juliard

Holocaust Surviver

From the moment I came to Huizen in January '44 until the end of the war, everything that happened to me went through Bert Bochoves.  He always knew; he always helped; he did the arranging.  I'm sure he forgot all about it because I was such a small part of all the work that he did, but I remember quite well; the things he did were very, very important to me."

-Yettie Mendels

Jewish woman that stayed with Bert